Tuesday, January 31, 2012

P.S. to my New Year's letter

This may be the first of several P.S.'s to my New Year's Letter posting...... this is how my memory works these days.....   Anyway.... I forgot to mention a wonderful happening in my family's life that happened in May of 2011.   My Dad volunteered at the Walker School in Needham for many years as a very active Boardmember.  For much of this time he was President of the Board.  He spent many hours per week dedicating himself to the betterment of this organization.... as school for emotionally troubled adolescents.

Well..... soon after Dad's Memorial service in December, I received a call from the Executive Director of Walker School, Rick Small.   The school was celebrating it's 50th anniversary in May of 2011 and they wanted Dad to be one of the 5 honorees to be recognized at the big Gala in Boston.   Henry and I knew how much his work at Walker had meant to Dad so we were simply thrilled.  To really celebrate the event we reserved a table for Henry, me, Peter and Cindy, along with Aaron, Emmajane, and Parker... plus good friends Marcia Litchfield and Barbara Cincotta.  The guys rented tuxes and we hired a limousine for the occasion so we could all drive in together.   I think the fact that the whole family attended the event would have been the single most gratifying part of whole evening for my Dad.  It was such a memorable time for us as a family and a fitting honor for Dad.....

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