Thursday, November 3, 2011


Believe it or not I was insulted when I turned 50 and AARP didn't send me an invitation to join them. Before my husband's 50th he received numerous entreaties from them, with all sorts of deals promised if he joined their forces. But I received nothing... nada... zilch... zero........ until today.  A nice thick invite to join with the additional promised treat of an absolutely FREE insulated travel bag was waiting for me in my mailbox. 

Why, after 8 years, have they decided that now they want me??  I was tempted to deny them the pleasure of my feels kind of like being chosen last on a playground kickball team (which incidentally I almost always was)....  Could they be more interested in me now that my address is Nantucket Island??   Maybe they have the (very) mistaken impression that I have joined the ranks of the fabulously wealthy and am now living in a oceanfront mansion on the Atlantic?   Whatever.... they'll soon find out that I won't be making any huge donations....most of my charitable spending is devoted to animal causes.....  I've always been someone who basically flaunts my age with every silver toned hair on my un-dyed, I'm not about to say no to this rite of passage.... I took the 3 year package.... can't wait for my insulated travel bag. 

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