Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nantucket Mornings

I actually enjoy my mornings these days.  Let me make something clear, I am NOT a morning person.... I am a TOTAL night owl.... I love puttering around at night and often do the things morning people get done in the AM at around midnight or so... laundry, letter writing, general housework.... It does seem to me like there are many more morning people than night people... especially as I get older.  Going to work with an abundance of perky morning people can be a tad trying so I am enjoying my Nantucket mornings with my son and husband who understand me and refrain from any perky behavior.

On a typical weekday morning these days I am up by 6.... before the sun now of course.  I have time to putter around in the kitchen, fill up my bird feeders on the back deck, make my coffee (actually that's the first thing I do) and make breakfast for Parker who I give a "gentle" wake up call to at 6:30.  In the past couple of years Parker has done a complete turn-around in terms of morning behavior.... Waking him up used to be the least favorite part of my morning.  It seemed like no amount of cajoling, nudging, whining, yelling, and various other modes of communication that I'm not really proud of, could move his inert body from his bed.  We would inevitably end up rushing around at the last minute  to get out the door by the necessary time to make it to the bus stop....both of us ending up in terrible moods....... Peter was usually the innocent bystander to the angry whirling dervishes that mother and son became.....  For a non-morning person like myself, it was especially painful.

But now.... I just go into Parker's room, turn a low light on,  utter a gentle good morning, calmly let him know what time it is, and that's all that is needed for my 15 year old son to start his morning.  I go back to my puttering, may even have time for a Facebook scrabble game or two, and then, after showering, dressing, and organizing his school stuff, Parker is sitting at the breakfast table with me, and we may even have a little bit of a morning conversation while we munch on our morning meal.... not bad for a non-morning mother and her teenage son!    I am thinking that our mellow mornings may be resulting from a combination of;  Parker maturing, and the fact that I'm not rushing off to work these days so I'm in a much less stressed place in the mornings.... Whatever it is, I am actually really liking my Nantucket mornings.

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