Sunday, November 13, 2011

Abigail, Our Senior Citizen

Our house on Nantucket is an upside down house.... the main living area/kitchen (plus the master bedroom) is upstairs.  This is so the beautiful view across the moors to the ocean can be appreciated by everyone.  My parents didn't hesitate to build the house this way even though my mother was in a wheelchair... they just had the staircase built with the electric chair lift.... very useful for my mother and for occasional rides by the grandkids as a special treat.  No one else really used it.   My mother,  being of the generation that didn't want or expect "special" treatment just because she was physically challenged, was somewhat embarrassed by this concession to her needs.   As time went on, however, my father came to need to use "the chair" and as we have made this house our own, Peter and I have used it to move heavy boxes (not to mention grocery bags) to the 2nd floor...... very handy!   And now, as you can see in this picture, our 9&1/2 year old bulldog, Abigail, has come to appreciate the chair,  as navigating the staircase, especially going downstairs, has become so difficult for her and her increasingly arthritic shoulders and legs.   I know my Mom,  would be so pleased to know that "her" chair was becoming more and more useful.  As an extremely devoted dog lover, she would be especially delighted to know that  her "granddog" was benefiting from it!  

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  1. Love this! And glad to hear Abigail is "living it up"!! :)